Hello, Its been a while!

Its been months since I last posted anything on here and gahh I miss it so much!! I guess that just shows how much parenthood hit me!

But no kidding aside, its been such long months. Couldnt keep up myself. Ok. so the pandemic is still on, although theyve developed a vaccine, its still bad.

Family-wise, my little baby girl is 6 months old and Hayden had officially moved here with us. Weve just had his residence visa sorted and Im currently organizing his paperworks for the next school year. Its been great living the new family life and also so busy. Hence the super late update! 😅

I think thats it for the meantime, hope I get to finish posts Ive started and fill the months in soon. So much stories to tell, so little time.
Happy to be alive tho! ❤️

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