1 Month Old Saoirse

Writing this a bit late since its been so busy, anyway Saoirse is 1 month old today and were so deligthed shes growing healthily but yea when they babies grow so fast, sure they do! Shes a lot heavier now and looking at her newborn photos, shes a lot bigger!

Her first time in a sort of a little dress!

Shes also out grown out of her newborn onsies at like 3 weeks, glad we ddnt buy loads of them but sure we were thinking theyd fit longer than that!

Her and her baby bunny!

Its so funny and amazing to watch her personality develop, like she doesnt want anything in her head for example. Sure I manage to put those headbands but only for a little while for photos luckily she lets me. But its like when she was smaller she doesnt want caps when I was only worried shed feel cold! Hehe.. She also used to be ok being swaddled and now she hates it so we have to swaddle her when shes already asleep otherwise its either leave her without and shed be punching her face every 2 minutes.

Tummy time!

We also started tummy time to get her neck strong and shes doing well! Had her first month check up too and shes weighing 4.8kgs now and 21.8inches tall!! She is a big baby! 😅

Out for her check up!
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