Getting Real: Post Partum Feels

3 weeks and 2 days on I think the baby bubble has already popped and its now been replaced by what they usually call “baby blues”.
Days are so different, there are days that I feel like Im on top of my game and there are days when Im just exhausted and feel defeated, for example because it was so busy I ddnt get the chance to even shower or havent slept properly. Welcome to the real “mom life”. Well Im not a first time mom and I cant even explain why I dont remember much or why I feel like its a bit tougher this time around. I was 21, a single mom idk but that should be tougher right? 😅

Anyway, maybe because this time I had a C Section if I havent mentioned yet, so trying to recover and take care of a newborn extra tough. Well they say every pregnancy and child is different, this is def the opposite of the last one. We had a good day today, a so-so. Earlier the day was a but difficult, had a bit of a long night looking out for her because she couldnt settle properly since 3 in the morning because of gas and kind of carried on in the morning til about 4pm so I ddnt get to catch up with sleep until hubby took her and I passed out like for an hour and a half straight. That was like considered as an amazing sleep haha..

Me, Brian and Eddie managed to get out in our balcony today had some cold pineapple juice to drink and soak up a bit of sun. Last time I was out in the balcony I was still pregnant.. 😱 That feels like a while now. Look, its still going to be a tough few weeks til things finally settle down and were able to work on a proper schedule but Im still so happy were not in that first week anymore coming home with a newborn and sore from the C section. We literally camped in the nursery for a bit over a week because our bed was low for me at the time. I remember being just so exhausted and emotional and even seen Brian breaking at day 5 lol— just out of exhaustion.. Thank God hes there for us, he def stepped up with keeping the house in order and taking care of us when I can do very little while recovering.

New new normal hehe

Wheww.. this has already been a long post. Took me a few days to finish this but yea, yey! Its done! Looking forward to finishing other posts as well, I have like the birth blog and vlog underway and a few more I cant even remember what about lol

I think thats it for this update, laters!

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