Preggo Diaries: Covid-19 Testing

So a little about our long day outing yesterday, started the day early with my morning walk. Then we drove down to the hospital for my Covid test, which is required by the hospital before I get admitted for delivery.

Look! A dedicated pregnant parking! We actually have been walking in the mall for weeks now every morning since the middle eastern summer kicked off, so about 8am to 9am, before the place gets swarmed, we do 45-min to an hour walk for my morning exercise. (Photo from a few days ago)

It was the most horrible thing ever. That stick was so long, felt like it went up to my brain and tickled it. Its the most uncomfortable thing ever. Got immediately teary eyed and runny nose right after. It lasted only for a few seconds, I actually had both nostril swabbed, Idk why tho.

That moment.

Then we headed back home and popped by our local clinic for baby’s CTG test again, the one before we get admitted for delivery. (Beep, beep TMI—) I actually think I might have lost my mucus plug already, probably in pieces. Since my last cervical check been having this light brown to brown discharge, I hope were on our way! Its a little bit frustrating tho because when Im home, I dont really know whats my progress if Im dilating and how much. But yea, been really crampy these days and having a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions so I hope were good. 🤰🏻

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