Preggo Diaries: 38 Weeks, Let’s Do This Already!

Its amazing how days can be different pregnant or not. The day before yesterday I was up and about with full energy, started my day with my morning walk, made breakfast, made the bed and went filming vlogs and all. Yesterday, wasnt feeling the greatest felt like just lounging after the morning walk. Was having a difficult time breathing and finding a nice comfortable position and all that back pain. I have moments when I feel defeated and poor Brian just dont know what to do to help, bless him. I couldnt wait to get on to the next day hoping its a better one with the big news.

Today, feeling much better. I had a good sleep which I dont get much these days although as soon as I woke up, my back pain went rushing back in..😅 As usual went for our morning walk, made breakfast, did some stretching and yoga poses, did my nails which is becoming more and more difficult, cant reach my toes properly anymore! This might be the last time Im doing it before I give birth, its such a task! 😭 Anyway, I was looking at my pregnancy app and a few of the girls have already given birth, so jealous and I cant wait to have my baby girl in my arms too!

Baby girl, lets go!!!

So what else? Ive been planning about the newborn photography session I’ll be doing myself for little baby Saoirse. Got the whole Pinterest album sorted for ideas and how-tos since Brian wont be allowing her to have some taken by a stranger coming to the house during the pandemic.. I kind of feel the same anyway, its super expensive and I feel its actually a bit of a rip off. And since we do have a really good camera and some skills on how to use it, I think were good!

At this point, not much else — between rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family for a bit of laugh, been keeping up as well keeping the house tidy and “baby-ready”.

So until the next update, and I hope its the delivery update! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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3 Responses to Preggo Diaries: 38 Weeks, Let’s Do This Already!

  1. I remember being here! lol. I wanted my daughter out FAST lol. Good luck babe

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