Ginisang Munggo

Do you remember when you were a child and being forced to eat something you dont really like? I remember as a kid being forced to eat a lot of things and one of them is this dish from back home called Ginisang Munggo. Actually there are a few things that I hated as a child but turned out to be favorites now that Im an adult.

Anyway, so basically this is lentil seeds, boiled on its own until soft. And then mixed with sautèd onion, garlic, tomatoes and chopped chicken, pepper and fish sauce according to your taste. I added a quarter cube of chicken broth as well and sotanghon (thin clear noodles) and topped with pork cracklings.

Taste of home!

And to be honest thats only a portion of what I had for lunch today, hehe here’s the rest!

Daing na Bangus and Tokwa
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