Preggo Diaries: Aches and Pains

I ddnt do much today, I just feel exhausted even from the start of the day and it just carried on. I rewatched Grey’s Anatomy and now onto its season 2. A little side comment tho, I really missed the seasons where they have all the original characters hehe..

Anyway, back on to being lazy today, the past few days been feeling a little heavier than before.. I guess its because shes gaining more weight. Its particularly difficult to sleep even more these days too, I dont even lay on my left side anymore, I just sleep kind of reclining. Also feeling a lot of pelvic/vaginal pressure now that shes positioned head down and low pushing into my pelvis. Even my walking has a new version more like a penguin walk. Its so difficult to keep my legs together walking and I walk super slow, it takes ages to get to from point A to B (even sitting down tbh..) Picking up things from the bottom cupboards are also a thing of the past I need to ask hubby for a lot of help reaching things. Pressure on my legs and feet too are popular these days if I stay on them for too long.

So yea, this is third trimester and I feel like Im so over it. Lets do this already! haha… 🤰🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

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