The Galley Position

This meme is so accurate.

I havent been flying since February when I took my maternity leave at 14-15 weeks-ish and I must say I do miss flying. But what I love about my job isnt serving tea and coffee or chicken or beef. When I work in business class in my current airline, I bring in a whole new level of sass I would say and make sure its 5-star, lol.

I’ve learned loads working for Qatar Airways for a good few years and Ive absorbed everything posh like a sponge when it comes to first class service. Haha! I do say it with a lot of confidence because it truly is an excellent customer service that we provide over there. I’d say I dont miss a lot of things about Qatar, the place itself, but I do miss the work.

I think I did got a great deal of ‘attention to detail’ working ethics that Ive also applied when doing other things outside work because of the training I got there. When I left QR, I left as a Business and First Class Galley Manager and in this position is where I shined lol and as the meme says, “its my favorite position”, well working position. I ddnt have a lot of choice anyway to be honest because most of the time Id be the only galley manager on the flight but I ddnt mind. After years of working with people, I found it peaceful that I dont have to go out in the cabin. I just work with perfection lol of creatively preparing and plating food and managing the whole galley system for premium class on a maximum of 14-hour flight.

So yea I actually miss proper work. But we’ll have to see how this one plays out. With the current situation in the travel industry and starting out family life, might be great to move full-time to VIP work, and if not I’ll be teaching it via TMFA Training! ❤️

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