Preggo Diaries: 33 Weeks

Omg I cant believe that were 33 weeks along and we just went to our routine antenatal appointment yesterday. Baby is all fine and well even just based on the exceptional fetal movement! Shes about 2kgs now and our doctor checked her presentation as well. So far her head is right around my rib cage so she said in the next 2 weeks she should move into position. We googled some exercises to help flip the baby and I’ll try it within the next 2 weeks. My vitals are all normal as well as my blood sugar level. I had a blood test for my iron levels too+ blood count.

Took this photo before getting into the car, thought it was funny because of how I look like hehe..

Anyway, been really tired these days, cant sleep properly which Ive already been experiencing but I think its more this week. I constantly have to take breaks from whatever Im doing because Im just breathless. Also been experiencing those uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions which are all normal according to my doctor.

Random evenings.. he just loves listening to what shes doing.. ❤️

On the other side, we have installed our carseat as well and hubby has packed his daddy bag, yey! to be honest he tends to wander around when getting ready and its very stressful for him so told him to pack his bag now (like mine, which Ive packed like 2 months go i think! 😅 #ocd ), and Ive also prepared out “to-go clothes” so we just have to grab it when its time.

Hubby is a pro!
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