When Its Time.

Ive been meaning to write this post for a week now and my heart still breaks for the everyone especially friends who have recently lost their jobs in the airline industry.

I first heard about Qatar Airways about 3 weeks ago laying off a number of crew so I checked on my friends over there. Then the week after Ive received news about Etihad Airways laying off crew, I dont know the exact numbers but I heard its a lot. The following week Ive heard from ex-batchmates and actual crew Ive flown with in Air Arabia that theyve cut 700 crew jobs. Emirates followed and rolling out more termination letters as I write this post.

Today, I heard news from my batchmates and some flydubai friends that emails have been rolled out, a meeting invite with the manager God knows for what, but it might be for laying off as well. So everyone is holding their breaths until the meetings. I dont know what the future holds for me, I know Im on maternity leave at the moment but with whats happening around, you just cant be sure.

Its such a sad day for aviation, bit of a crunch time for everyone, its either youre hit by the virus itself or your jobs.. but we will all bounce back. ✈️

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