Salmon Sushi Bake

Joined the bandwagon! Been seeing this on instagram stories and I happen to love sushi (cooked) so I had to give it a try! I ddnt really follow whatevers on the recipe I saw because I dont like crab (crab sticks), nor I have any sour cream in our pantry.

It was basically my left over baked salmon belly mixed with mayo and some cream cheese. Mixed them all together and put it on top of brown rice (healthier option for someone with gestational diabetes!) and pressed it flat. I topped it with grated cheese and roasted sesame seeds and some crushed seaweed. Baked it with foil cover around 15 minutes. While it was baking I chopped some cucumber.. 😊 I wish I had avocado, so thats something I’d add for next time! I ate it both warm and when It came out of the fridge later on oh and I drizzled it with home made teriyaki sauce (honey and soysauce πŸ˜…), both ways are delish!! So yea just get a portion to put it on the dried seaweed plus the cucumber… It was heaven!

Enjoy! 🍣

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