Preggo Diaries: Motherhood Feels

Im not a first time mom, but it does feel like somehow it is. I gave birth to my first born over 12 years ago and I honestly couldnt remember much about how it was being pregnant with him. I was young and I remember just wanting to get through it and take it from there. I did manage to get my life back on track with getting into aviation which changed my life financially but then, I had to leave behind my 1 year old son at that time to work. Although the job gave me the luxury of getting back home a lot like sometimes 4x a month, it was still different not being able to be there for him 24/7 like other moms does. It was kind of difficult. Looking back at it, it became the normal for me and him. But looking at it now, I wish I had the chance to take care of him more especially when he was small.

As I progress on this pregnancy, I realize how different things are and cant thank God enough that this time I have a husband to look after me and this baby as she grows in my womb. I also feel like Im enjoying this pregnancy very much that I actually am less stressed unlike before that I had to take care of everything and not having healthcare back home was something really massive that I had to sort out plus getting baby stuff as well. Thank You Lord, I dont know what Ive done right to deserve all the blessings and love, Im really just grateful.

Im so looking forward to meeting this little bundle of joy who kicks me when I actually just sat down to rest or just when Im about to sleep 😅, looking forward to Hayden meeting his baby sister, cuddling her, smelling her, dressing her up and just experience every family milestone that there is!

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