Baby Nursery Part 2

After a week of the initial hustle putting together our baby’s nursery, decoration items arrived so I got on with it!

One of the big like literally big decor is this moon, stars and clouds wall sticker! Got it from AliExpress and so delighted on how this one turned out.. the quality is so good its like rubber sticker and I was able to move it around and adjust it.. it kind of like brought the nursery vibe to the other side of the room which was an empty wall.. btw thats our babycat thinking the small stars are bugs 😅

.. some more wall art came the same day for the picture frames, theyre such good quality as well like the material for a tarpaulin, very thick! 👍🏼

So yea after a bit of work on it here’s how it looks like now… and I hope by part 3 of this nursery series, its a fully completed nursery, hehe.. ❤️

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