Gardening Galore

There are loads of things to learn this lockdown time, be it baking and cooking which I have seen with loads of people — Baking which I have tried too myself although I havent been baking much the past weeks, I cant really eat them because of my gestational diabetes but I’ll get back to it.

But another thing I tried recently was gardening. Ive always loved plants but believe I dont have the green thumb like my mom. But didnt hurt to try! Plus, its part of my home-nesting projects in before our baby arrives. And its so relaxing and therapeutic.

So Im sharing my gardening projects these days, more like the past months actually. 😊

So I repotted the only cactus we have in the house and its an instant face lift! Ive ordered succulents as well, arent they beautiful? Its for a bookshelf project Im doing for our dining area. And the outside bit, little gardening area for me.. got bougainvillea, snowflake, desert roses, a pot of bonsai and some vincas. I’ll post an updated photo as well since my bougainvillea is in full bloom now!

Repotted all of them after almost 2 weeks of getting them so they dont get shocked. I also to day havent watered them after repotting and glad theyre doing alright. 😊

So yea heres the final look of my succulents and cactus arrangements not including the other pots I scattered around the house. ❤️

Oh and also sharing this bit of a fun art I did with some of the pots hehe…

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