Baby Nursery Part 1

We werent expecting our ordered items from Ikea until June because Ive read loads of reviews about the delays in delivery these days, so were so happy and surprised that it even arrived ahead of time, well one day! hehe..

Although a bit tired, we really had fun putting together the big items like the cot and her dresser. Although she will be co sleeping with us in our room for the first few months, couldnt help but but a nursery together.. its just such a feel good thing to do!

Initially, we were thinking not to put together one because we’d be moving to a bigger place in December, but with everything thats happening probably best not, because of the people who would be handling our stuff while moving, it doesnt feel safe. So yea we might even stay longer where we are at the moment. 😊

So yea, pretty happy with what weve accomplished today, I’ll update as more items come especially the decorations! Exciting times!

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