Preggo Diaries: Gestational Diabetes

27 week check – my test results came back and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I have heard about it but honestly dont know about it much. I was thinking why would I get diabetes, I dont even like sweets, but thats not the case. After a bit of research and what my OB-Gyn explained to us, its because because of the pregnancy hormones, my body couldnt keep up with its production of insulin which controls my blood sugar levels. So even if Im probably just consuming the normal amount of sugar, my body couldnt regulate my levels. And if left untreated and unmanaged, could cause complications like the baby being born bigger, so thats difficulty in the delivery and I can develop Type 2 diabetes even after prenancy.

So I was put in  a diet. No white rice, white bread, white pasta, no sweets: cakes andice cream and to think I just started baking loads lol but since I dont like a lot of sweets Brian ends up eating most of it, but now I have to steer clear of them altogether. I have to load up with veggies and fruits but not all fruits, mostly the sour ones which I hate! Anyway, there are days that it gets  to me because I really enjoy food, and being pregnant is like a free pass for me to eat loads, but no, that can be the case. At the moment my sugar level is manageable with the recommended diet. Glad I ddnt have to go on medicaton like injecting insulin, although I have to constantly check it though a glucose meter, still have to prick myself like 4x a day.

Overall, all is well, during the scan my doctor tried to get a 4d photo for us but shes hiding lol so well try again on my 30th week scan. šŸ™‚

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