Adult Feels

If youre over 30 or feeling that way even, have you ever noticed your change of preference in things as simple as your nail polish color? 😊

Welcome to the club!

Im opting for short and natural enamel tones these days comparing to the bold white which I still love and cheap nail polish comparing to branded one I used to get before. I just love the simplicity and class of this recently.

I also noticed the change in my preference when it comes to clothing, I remember those hay days when going out was about the shortest and tightest thing in the closet plus the 6inch- heels. Even before getting pregnant again, I have been wearing dresses that doesnt need to be short or showing a lot of skin but still looks really classy and decent. More respectful and sophisticated look.

It goes for the places Id like to to as well. We used to go to a lot of loud and messy places which the goal was to be wasted but for years now I choose to go to places where theres more of a chilled and relaxed vibe where you can actually have a conversation without shouting at each other haha! I noticed I loved staying at home a lot as well and more interested in what I can do around the house to make it homier hehe.. God Im so old. 😁 But feels nice.

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