Preggo Diaries: 25 Weeks & 2 Days

Hello blogidoo!

Just bump-dating and this week were 25 weeks and 2 days to be exact. Shes about 14 inches long now and moving , kicking loads! Yesterday me and her daddy had a bit of laugh when he started singing to my bump then she would move! Its so funny as well because he was singing what he calls the “food song”. He doesnt speak fluent Tagalog but knows a lot of words and dish names so he started singing all of them.. 😂 What a moment.

Was taken on a couple of days ago while getting ready for our anniversary dinner, just looking how huge my bump is especially on this dress! THIS IS SO GONNA BE A BIG BABY! 😅 .. and im only almost 7 months! Look, as long as my husband thinks I look fab and he loves me Im all fine lol — This was in our old guest room soon to be nursery, all her stuff are parked here already and cant wait to do more work on it!

We have our routine check up as well in a few days and the first time were stepping out after weeks of lockdown. Cant wait to see her on the scan tho! Oh btw last weekend we also took the first part of our pre-natal class online since we cant do it the normal way these days. It was very informative and were looking forward to the second part!

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