Lechon Kawali

If theres something I really miss during this quarantine time, it would be traveling home. And this one up here is something that reminds me of home and I have to have it as soon as I land in the Philippines lol

So yea today craved for Lechon Kawali or Deep Fried Pork Belly with rice and of course the famous Mang Tomas sarsa (sauce).

Ive tried making it before but wasnt successful, the pork ddnt turn out the way I wanted it to turn out. This time I boiled the pork belly first for 30 mins. I also added some salt and bay leaves for flavor. Then added more salt around the meat and deep fried it until it was crispy.

☝🏽Important tip:

Make sure the oil is very hot before putting in the pork, and take extra care when putting the pork in, its not going to be pretty and the hot oil will splatter, IT REALLY WILL. You can use the pot cover to protect yourself from the oil and then cover the pot but leave a bit of gap if your cover doesnt have a hole for the steam to come out which will cause more splatter.

Enjoy your lechon kawali!

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