One Month in Lockdown

It has been a while and I cant say Im so busy whatsoever since everyone in the world, well most people are stuck at home under a lockdown. I was looking at the number of unpublished and half written blog posts this morning and I was like, OK its time. 😅

Well, these are a few of the photos Ive taken the last month and of course will post more of them on specific blog posts Im working on.


Update here in the UAE:

I cant believe its been a month of staying in for us and just happy we are ok and still sane. lol. We only went out for my anomaly scan and that was it. In the beginning, before the full lockdown has been placed, we were able to walk outside during the mornings when theres basically no one around. But of course thats gone out the window now as well since the government has put us into a strict lockdown. Were not allowed to go out anymore unless its for the essentials like grocery shopping– which we dont go out for anyway since our last and only big shop, after that we decided to just order all our groceries online; — going to the pharmacy, hospital or if youre an essential worker. We are required to wear masks and gloves when going out. Theyve also implemented heavy fines for violators.

On the news this morning I also saw a video of the Dubai World Trade Centre exhibition center being transformed into a huge hospital which is going to accommodate Covid-19 patients, 3,300 beds. It makes me worry a lot about the real situation over here because unlike many countries, we dont get much news but Im hoping its all good and theyre probably preparing for the worst. Also saw another pharmaceutical cargo aircraft pass by the other day so its good to know that theyre probably stocking up on medical supplies. Anyway, who would have thought we’d all see the famous Sheihk Zayed Road this quiet.


ctto: Downtown Dubai


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