BISSELL PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop


Never thought Id be so much into a steam cleaner but I definitely am now, and its one of my fave appliance (the dishwasher of course made the cut)! Ive been watching a lot of mommies and their cleaning routine with kids on Youtube and one thing weve picked up was the steam mops. Weve seen loads of brands but we decided to get the Bissell, pictured above (picture isnt mine so ctto). Since we need to disinfect a lot these days as well but I cant really be using harsh chemicals all the time since Im pregnant, its a really good alternative plus, works great as well when you have small kids because its so easy to use and doesnt take a lot of time to disinfect the floor which will mostly be dirty and would need sterilization.


So this is the one we got, its actually the silver one and as usual our nosy cat goes and investigates. So yea so far weve used it to steam clean the curtains after dusting them, the floor every week, the couch which we plan to do every 3 months, the beds and pillows monthly, works perfectly as well on any surface also on messy and sticky stains and marks like in the bathrooms, just mix and match the attachments. Really happy and satisfied with it and my fave part is the fragrance discs that came along with it, smells so nice on everything. We got the spring breeze and I actually need to order more of them although it can last for a good few steams.


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