Home Projects

Since building my dream home back home is on pause, because its a lot of stress for a pregnant woman like me hehe, I refocused and looked at our apartment and see what I can do to improve it.

Living Room

** Plus fix rails πŸ˜…

Dining Area

So we have an extendable black dining table like half the size of the one on the photo but yea Im actually getting sick of it because its so dark (yea because its black πŸ™„πŸ˜…), and looks like its taking more space so looking to start this project with hubby soon as Im well and Im so excited! Looks really fab and sure it would open up the space that we have. We actually tried to sell the table and chairs but couldnt so hubby suggested to give it a facelift! Were also getting rid of our black bar stools because its not really being used and just taking up space.

This was the photo I used for the ad, and we actually have 4 chairs and 3 bar stools are actually located at the empty space behind. (And and old chest of drawers we emptied were giving away hehe)


I dont even know where to begin with the kitchen but I think its mostly organizing the cupboards, its just a mess so I think the organizing hacks Ive been watching recently on Youtube would help me a lot!


So our bedroom is fine just organizing my closet maybe is a big thing and dusting..πŸ˜… The spare bedroom which was our guest bedroom, Im planning to turn into a nursery for little baby jelly bean in a few months to come and after we know the sex of the baby with a single bed / couch.. but heres some inspo hehe!

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