Preggo Diaries: 15 Weeks

Havent posted an update about our pregnancy for a few weeks, been having a bit of a quiet time just enjoying with hubby.

So heres a bit of an update finally.. Around halfway through 10 weeks I finally started feeling better and more myself. So no more nausea and was able to start eating again, because during the first several weeks, I actually lost about 3kgs because I couldnt keep anything down so I was mostly having soup. πŸ˜…

12 Weeks

At this stage weve graduated to the second trimester, yey! We also had our NT scan (Nuchal Translucency scan) to detect any chromosomal defects and the risk of down syndrome. So far weve passed the tests and our numbers are looking good. We also had a good look at the baby moving and stretching around so as his/her little hands and feet! Were in love!! 😍

Also a part of my NT scan was a check of my uterus and ovaries and unfortunately, one of my ovarian cysts, which weve been keeping an eye out for that were looking to just disappear on its own didnt. It then showed as a complex cyst that needed to be removed surgically, as its growing and could lead to torsion (twisting of my fallopian tube) as the pregnancy progresses and or rupture which would both cause a lot of pain and eventually an emergency surgery of the same.


So for the past weeks weve been referred to a specialist and been running a tests leading up to today, my ovarian cystectomy. So far everything is ok and couple of hours ago the nurse just checked the baby’s heartbeat, good and strong! Ive also just reached a milestone post surgery and went for a pee, with hubby and nurse’s help of course. Ive also started drinking water and had soup. 😊

Thank You Lord for keeping us safe and to family and friends who prayed for us.

And of course to my husband.. β€οΈπŸ’‹

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