Preggo Diaries: 9 Weeks

So I actually had my 9 weeks scan last week and it was awesome.. Little baby D. has grown s lot since the last scan and were happy to see a strong heartbeat as well!

I must say, the morning sickness has been kicking by butt for weeks now and I was so hopeful that this week was gonna get better because I had a day with very minimal nausea. But then came back with a vengeance the next day. Cant wait to feel better! But whats been helping me through it are fresh fruits like apples, bananas, watermelon and melons hehe..

I was also experiencing mild cramping though nothing to worry about, its my uterus stretching. Its actually more of a tugging feeling here and there compared to a period cramp.

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1 Response to Preggo Diaries: 9 Weeks

  1. This is wondering! sorry about the morning sickness however. I hope it subsides for you ❤

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