Preggo Diaries: 8 Weeks

In the middle of family drama back in the land far far away, here we are at 8w2d. Ive been diagnosed with UTI (urinary tract infection), which is quite common with pregnant women, about a week ago which was causing my temperature and lower back pain. I was a bit skeptical at the start because I know I had it when I was pregnant with Hayden but ddnt have the same signs and symptoms but in the end after reading about it, it, it does fall in to UTI, I guess I just ddnt want to pop in antibiotics if not really needed. I felt better almost immediately.

Ive been so tired Im sure to do with the travel as well, plus baby jelly bean growing.. idk about the others but my morning sickness is hitting me harder these past few days. Unlike on week 6 where I only feel like theres something stuck in my throat, but now I do really feel like throwing up.

With regards to cravings, Im still not craving much of something in particular, although on week 6ish, I loved just having soups. 😊

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