IPL Lumea (Laser Hair Removal device) by Philips

This is something very exciting for me as I have been wanting to get this for such long time now. Been reading and watching reviews and all for months, then you know, its quite expensive so I was still contemplating when is the perfect time to get it. But I didnt have to wait any longer because if you have seen my previous entry, I got one for my birthday!!! šŸ¤— (Thanks hubby!!!)

I have had my underarms done couple of years back, that was on Groupon and still cost me a lot of money even only for 5 sessions around 600aed (although Ive seen good results). So I ddnt really come back for the touch ups. And if I wanted to do a bigger area like my legs itll cost me loads more.

Lets check it out!

So this is the Lumea Advanced (SC1999). Its not the latest model in the market but the difference to the latest one which is the BRI956 is that you can use that one cordless and they added one attachment for the larger areas of the body which is curved foe better coverage.


IPL hand held device

3 Attachments (face, bikini area and body)


A pouch

User Manual and App guide

The Lumea IPL App

I really like the IPL app that they have because it gives you everything you need to know about the device and the treatments. From preparing your skin to scheduling your next treatment, it actually has everything!

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. With IPL technology, gentle pulses of light is applied to the skin to be absorbed by the hair root. As the hair root is dark it absorbs its light and becomes warm — like wearing black shirt in the summer. The heat stimulates the hair root to go into its natural resting phase where it falls out naturally and doesnt grow back for a while. This is only effective when your hair is in growing phase.

As you can see on the below photos (if its clear enough šŸ˜…), shaving and epilating really caused some pigmentation and strawberry skin on my underarms and legs. And this is the very reason Im moving on to IPL treatments. Yey!

So of course as soon as I finished reading my manual and downloading the app, I got on to it. Like I said its so easy to use because basically the app gives you the step by step instructions. The experience on my underarm was very smooth and took probably 2 minutes to do each. I used intensity 3 and its just right for me, make to sure adjust yours to whatever intensity you’re comfortable with. When I did my legs, I had to turn it down to 2. Was a bit uncomfortable for the few hours so I applied some aloe vera to sooth the skin and calmed down soon after.

As per my app, my next treatment is in 2 weeks and I’ll be updating the regrowth and see the improvements as I go along. šŸ˜Š

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