Review: 4 Long Lashes Serum

I was obsessed with false lashes and the way my eyes pop every time Im wearing them and eventually moved on to extensions for a dramatic “I-woke-up-like-this” look. I have been getting eyelash extensions for almost 4 years now, in fact just got my full set Russian volume this afternoon, hehe. I think my lashes only got a bit of rest when I got married because my make-up artist didnt want them (he has better plans lol). And so after a few years, although I still got loads of my natural lashes, they suffered a bit for holding the extensions I’d say and for occasionally unintentional pulling when Im asleep on my side. 😅

So I started researching about which is the effective serum to use and asked around at work as well. So someone suggested 4 Long Lashes Serum from Poland. I Initially got a crew to buy it for me in Poland, since I ddnt have the layover that time and its much cheaper, but eventually bought it myself when I saw it online at Amazon.

After a few months of using the serum, Ive seen a big improvement on my natural lashes while I still have my extensions on. Ive noticed that theyre stronger, grow faster and longer too. Btw Ive noticed the difference i think after about 3 weeks of using it. So there you go girlies, if you need an eyelash serum that works, I definitely recommend this one! I know there might be a lot of others but yea, this one works for me, its 85 AED from Amazon, cheaper than the ones from the pharmacies at 130-150 AED.

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