Sunrise Run

Beautiful morning everyone!

So after the busy morning I have a bit if a free time to journal. Started the day with a half an hour run while hubby headed off to his crossfit class.

Geared with my feel good morning music, I managed to do a 3.64km, its a short distance but for a starter Im very proud of myself hehe, I don’t really like running because I get tired easily and cant keep up with Brian whenever I join him, but sure we all move at our own pace and its good to realize that and run anyway. 😊

When I came back, got showered and started making breakfast and as usual made use of whatever thats in the fridge haha! And by the time hes back, brekky is redaaaay! So made this for us and packed a salad lunch as well for the hubs..

So yea, bit simple but tasty but I think I might work on a healthier hollandaise sauce substitute for next time, because to be honest its nice as well with the sauce hehe..😅

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