Community Cat Management Program

This program is very close to my heart as Ive been a cat lover for as long as I remember. When I was a little girl I had cats that I would smuggle into my room so they can have a nice place to sleep and then my mom would flip out, because theyre actually street cats, no vaccines whatsoever lol..

… I’ll add Puss In Boots’ photo when I find it 😅

Anyway, where we live at the moment is a very animal friendly community. I remember when we arrived and just moved in, first thing we saw was neighbors feeding the cats at 5pm and its been the same since.

But recently there has been a few complaints concerning cats messing people’s balconies and reportedly pissing there too although cats, from what Ive seen, are clean creatures and do their business on holes that that they dog on the dirt but of course, I may be wrong.

So one day we came across this neighbor who just moved downstairs while we were feeding cats. He was just so nasty but I wont get into details because to be honest, hes just an uneducated and argumentative person who would say whatever, but really  just a waste of space lol. So basically this guy threatened to start removing cats by caging them. I dont know what hes going to do with them after but we kinda thought he was bluffing and so we just ignored. The next morning, we found a poor kitten trapped and was about to be removed.

So, hubby intervened and there was a discussion between the neighbor who trapped the kitten, community management and another cat lover who takes care of the cats in the community. In the end, it was agreed that they will stop trapping and find another way to fix his problem. And so hubby drafted this program for the community and we met with the other members of the community and discussed how to go about the program.

So hopefully this will help solve the problem and manage the cat population here instead of removing and dumping them away to labor camps. As of now, while waiting for the budget approval from the community management, we started off with educating people in the community on how we can help keep them around and at the same time solve the problems some tenants are having. 😊

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