Trust No One

#bakitparangkasalananko πŸ€ͺ

….. of course. So I wanted to share about another example of a great friendship? lol Anyway so yea I was invited to this bachelorette party for one of our friends and to be honest I did not see where the issue came from. To make the long story somehow short, one of my old friends Ingrid told AK that I should not be invited and that AK she should be careful of me and my influence and that inviting me to that group of people would only ruin it, thats not all but theres loads so this will do for now. πŸ˜… To me was a total shock. After this I started thinking about when she was still in Dubai, I would always invite her to everything but not ever the other way around, not even with the college group, but I ddnt really care at that time then AK started inviting me to this same group Ingrid used to hang out with. So this realization made me conclude that yea she ddnt want me there. Usually I would have already messaged the person straight away, but I thought about it and maybe it would be better to speak to her in person and see how shes like with me and all.

This was that beautiful bachelorette party.

Anyway, so came the day I met up with her and kind of went around the subject but sure did poke here and there to find answers, like where shes coming from but then stories started spilling out and I ddnt not even have to aks any further. Ingrid said that “we” shouldnt be involved with this girl (another long story but hey its my blog lol so this girl owes one of my friends 20k AED from few years ago and no signs of paying up; Maxed out another friends credit card did not pay up either; and has a history of trying to get with guys who are her friends bfs, so yea.) — because I told one of the girls to be careful with her. Which I think was a fair thing to do. This would be bad if I was making up stories like Kai, but hey the truth will set you free lol. Ok so when I spoke to Ingrid basically she denies all the things that she said and thay theyve all been told in a malicious way by AK and that shes always like that toxic and shes done it to her before and that Andrea wants to invite Kai but cant because of me and etc.

I still think that this was a very successful day indeed and I honestly had fun and happy to have met new people too behind the issues of poor taste char

The evening did not end in a cat fight thank God and Im kind of proud to have actually dealt with it in a mature way, but did not make things any clearer. The next morning, I messaged AK telling her sorry i couldnt hold it. She then messaged back with all this dramatic shit saying “I cant trust you anymore” and although Ingrid havent really had it out with her yet, shes all “my friendship with Ingrid is ending.. I think shes blocked me on Facebook already”, and “I made sure Im clear I love her..” — girl youre loving a person who doesnt have anything good to say about you, but thats non of my business.

And to be honest if she cant trust me no more jeez feel free. And even though she said she doesnt blame me and blames herself instead, the whole message was a freakin guilt trip blab. Anyway, fine gave her time to maybe calm down. But the next day here she is on voice messenger shouting at me. And when I called her out, shes all “im fucking joking…and thats how I talk..” I ddnt reply because its so much BS. Like even if I replay it backwards shes still shouting. Why just not be sorry and just sorry. And the way she talks is not an excuse, first of all I dont work for her for her to be shouting at me. Second is why shout and “joke” about something so serious in her life and try blame me for it. πŸ™„ — In the greater scheme of things, I ddnt even find out whos full of shit, maybe both as Ive told them, at the end of the day Im proud to have stood up for myself, so Im resting my case.

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