End of Summer Hurrah

Hey blogidoo!

Been so long and Im so happy to finally publish this post 😅 Its been a very busy couple of months but finally getting a bit of a breathing time. So a lot of traveling over the summer, working on my business and some hiccups along the way.

This business Ive been working on has been really a great source of inspiration in everything I do and Im happy to have something that Im putting a lot of sweat and effort on. Keeps the blood flowing! 😊 Still a work in progress but getting there! While promoting the business I also got invited for a few events as a resource speaker and thats something I really did not think about before. Its such a great honor.

General Assembly for the Hospitality and Tourism Management students and parents

Been posting separate travel updates on Rome, Paris, Venice and Dubrovnik and to be honest I only even posted them on Facebook recently to update family and those who care lol.. I hate Facebook and after uploading about 5 months of travel photos its really like — ok delete again! 😅 But yea theres that and ok I do realize that there are relatives both my side and hubby’s especially the aunts and uncles who actually are delighted to see what we’ve been up to.

Part of the trip was spending time with my family too and I got to pick Hayden up from school and unfortunately because hes being such a teenager, I think this is the only proper photo we had. 🤣

What a season. But hey I survived yet another one! 😊🍃🍃🍃

Let me share this song, reminds me of a good old summer. 😊

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