Alumni Homecoming

Earlier today hubby and I had our music day. In the morning he was playing his heavy metal music and by noon I was playing my tagalog jams, well mainly Parokya Ni Edgar tunes. Its been a long time since I listened to them and earlier, it brought loads of memories back, me who has a soundtrack in every stage of my life!😂

So one of the songs that made me felt super nostalgic is called “Alumni Homecoming”. If you know the lyrics or understand tagalog youd know what I mean hehe.. so heres the video so Im not the only one.. (if you understand tagalog and was in highschool during the early 2000s).

Sino ba ang “Alumni Homecoming” mo? 😊

Well if youre going to ask me, mine is on this blog somewhere and when you find it, I must say theres some good story to it, so goodluck and enjoy, hehe!

Actually, we were meant to have a highschool reunion this month. I was organizing it alongside with other classmates, but because of work I couldnt continue to work closely on it. Just sad that nobody picked it up. Would have been so much fun!

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