How I Met —YOU.

I never wrote about how I met my husband because it was kind of embarrassing at first because we met in a club, but since its the 6th year anniversary of the day we met, Im spilling all the beans!

6 years ago, on a random night out, me and my friends were originally at Barasti but it was a but dull, so we said we’ll just head to our usual, a club called Rockbottom. I love live music and there was this amazing band that used to play there, we would actually see them most nights and became friends with them too.

One of the early days after we met. ♥️

So, at the final set of the band I was close to the stage and when I looked back, about 3 meters away, theres this guy looking at me. I think he freaked himself out when he got caught looking and so he waved— I waved back. Little did I know about 4 years later Id be marrying that guy. Anyway, he came over and talked to me but didnt bug me too much as I was out enjoying as well, so he said if its ok hed like to invite me for lunch the next day. He asked for my number and I gave it to him, and weirdly in front of me he actually rang my phone lol.. Later on he admitted he was making sure I gave him the correct number! 😅

And the rest was history. ♥️

I love you my lablab x

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1 Response to How I Met —YOU.

  1. thoughtsof86 says:

    Awwww 💕 I love you both! So meant to be together! One of the reasons why I still believe in love 😍

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