Regretted it 30mins later.

This meme. Just me today while reading an old highschool classmate’s rant on Facebook although Im not back on it, this is the reason why I lost interest.

So yea this is what it has become, a place to rant. By the looks of it, she caught her husband cheating on her and decided to of course call him out and the alleged mistress on Facebook. To be honest I dont know what I would have done, God forbid something like that happens. Im holding on to respect– so she posted a photo of THE other girl and on the caption it says:

“the girl who my husband replaced me with after # of years together..”

I was like 😱😱😱! So of course it gets so many likes and so many fishing comments and insults to the girl on the photo as well. I mean, I dont support adultery but this could have been discussed in closed doors and only the parties involved, after all thats still her husband and the father of her child. Then she changed her profile photo and cover to the girls photo as well lol shes gone full on — mad wife. She got of course the sympathy and nasty comments from “chismosas” towards the girl, insults etc while she herself tags her husband on a reply saying dont be like him, but did that really made her feel better? I dont think so.

In the end, she probably calmed down and changed back her profile photo and cover photo to a happy family photo. Yes girl after humiliating the entire family. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It is such a dangerous place. My relationships arent perfect but if I have something to let out, something as personal as that, Id talk to a friend instead or blog privately or something.

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