Hearty Brunch Meal

Woke up kinda late today so not really thinking about a full on brekky and with the inspiration from my IG saved food album (lol) and some particular cravings, came up with this recipe. There’s not a lot fuss on making this yummy breakfast so dont worry.


My simple shaksuka recipe is basically scrambled eggs (this portion – 2 eggs), little bit of tomato sauce topped with fresh tomato chunks and feta cheese.

Grilled Halloumi

This type of cheese is very popular here in the middle east and just about the cheese Im currently craving for. — just grill on a pan.

Avocado Slice

Who does not love avocados? hehe.. Its one of my faves and plus its a good source of loads of vitamins and the hearty omega3 fatty acids.– half of a small avocado is more than enough for this platter topped with a half a teaspoon soy, roasted sesame seeds and garlic herb seasoning + lemon slice. So fresh!

Quinoa & Spinach

Just something I always try to put in to my meals. — sautéed spinach or can even be just fresh and but of quinoa.

Greek Yogurt

Lastly but not least, were not really big on yogurt but when we do have it we usually sweet. Those strawberry and other flavored ones but we all know theres just loads of sugar in it. So for a change Greek Yohurt, hello! Topped with a bit of honey and blueberries. ♥️

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