Game of Thrones finale dinner

This is it! The very last episode of Game of Thrones! 😭 Although we binged watched the rest and only started watching it at its 7th season, we totally fell for it and since a lot of GOT fans are doing viewing parties, might as well join the fun so we hosted our own little dinner for its finale episode.

So this was after dinner– which was Korean Bbq, I’ll post a separate entry for it since its my first time preparing Korean food.😊

As of now the ending is kind of sinking in, that the show might have wrapped it up as its supposed to be after all. Although at first, Jon Snow’s ending was a little sad for me, But he looked ok helping out the wildlings settle back outside of the Wall and Im sure hes going to come back and continue serving the Night’s Watch. I think its all about perspective, although it was shocking, it was true to itself kind of ending.

I will miss this series tho…. 😭

The next part is to visit more thrones filming locations! 😊

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