Wonder #3: Colosseo Roma

I have a lot of days off this month and when I say a lot, I mean I only have 3 flights this month. Not really complaining (omg no way!lol) and so we decided to travel. Flights are also quiet because of ramadan, its another thing Im not complaining about, so traveling on staff tickets is also made easy!

When I first came here when I was with Qatar Airways, I didnt really bother going inside the Colloseo, I think I wasnt even aware that this is a world wonder.😅 So we took the opportunity this time also because were trying to tick off ‘wonders of the world’ — and this is out third one!

Anyway, since this really wasnt a planned trip, we did not have anything booked at all, and when we went to the ticket office the queue was crazy. So we decided to have a look if we can get in to the The Forum (ruins). Unfortunetely, to our surprise its sold out for like a month. I was like wow! Feeling a little hopeless, we looked at the colloseo and saw a break on the queue even thought they were closing. We joined in and to our luck managed to get a ticket!!! Yey! 😊

Walking around inside the colosseo was amazing, the fact that this is still standing today is just mind blowing! It reminded me of the movie Troy, the tv series Spartacus, which I love very much and of course that scene in Game of Thrones in Mereen..

We then went to The Trevi Fountain! I made a wish here years back to find true love and I did! This time then I wished for a strong, peaceful and lasting marriage. Lol

The next day we visited the Vatican. Again, I dont actually know what exactly what I did on my layovers before but yea I did not bother going in before! It was amazing to see the amount of art and the Roman artifacts that were in there. Although, I had a different expectation about visiting the Vatican — more of like peaceful and kind of touching, I ddnt see that, it was kind of chaotic to be honest. 😅 The beautiful corridors on the way to the Sistine Chapel was packed with an ocean of tourists who had their tall sticks sticking out all over which kinda kills the view. Anyways, yea you know what I mean and I wanted was a private tour loooooool 🤣

Overall, Rome is Rome a very popular tourist place so expect that, and I still loved it and Im so happy to have visited here with my other half. ♥️

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