The Perfect Formula

I never really had ‘the perfect’ skin and throughout my adult life Ive struggled finding that perfect formula to keep my skin under control.

When I was in college I begged my mom to get me Proactiv to fix my breakouts and thankfully she did. Eventually it kind of calmed down and after giving birth, thats when my skin was on its freshest.

After moving to the Dubai it all came back and everyone said kind of normal because of the climate and water here in the middle east. I got my hands on a product called Beauche, and it was horrible. It was painful and made my face lighter than the rest of my body. “Naaagnas” look if Im going to be honest. So I stopped using it and started just using a papaya soap for my whole body.

When I moved to Doha I started using Cetaphil like for all over and I considered its kind of a very low maintenance routine. But still pimples came back with a vengeance and I was recommended to a dermatologist that gave me Roaccutane. Its a harsh way to clear your skin up. I had to take tablets for a cycle which is 6 months but I only took it for like 2 months since my skin wasnt so bad at that time (its just Qatar Airways had a really strict grooming rules for their flight attendants) and cleared up very fast. The result was amazing and lasted for a couple of years.

Then I moved back to Dubai, it kicked off again unfortunately. It was so bad not only pimples but also those bumps called millia. Its then when I tried Roaccutane again. This time I finished the full cycle but did not help. I was disappointed.

Thats when I went to the pharmacy myself after reading things online about my skin type, OILY. 😅

From then on (2014) this became my best friends. My face started clearing up and realizing that I should only be using oil free products (also make-up wise), was the best thing ever.

Months after, after reading a lot of things about it, I started using Tea Tree oil from The Bodyshop.

At the beginning, I was only using it for spots specifically. Then I think I liked the effect so much I started using it on my entire face! I think Ive tried most of there is on the line, but liked these 2 the most and so I stuck to it to date. 😊

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