Coron, Palawan DAY 2

Hey blogidoo, back updating and so we are on our second day here in Coron and we had a wonderful day under the sun! ☀️

So on today’s itinerary we have the following places to visit:

1. Kayangan Lake

2. Hidden Lagoon

3. Coral Garden

4. Atwayan Beach (lunch)

5. Calachuchi Beach

We opted for a private tour because we wanted to be able to leave early and go to the places we want to and kind of beat the crowd because Im anti-social lol.. kind of true but moving on, Weve booked with DCC Diving Center Coron, their office is in the town proper and its by the main square they call ‘the fountain’ so just tell your tricycle driver drop you by the fountain. We did not have anything pre-booked, hehe! Well, to be honest its easy enough to join tours and in our case to organize one, so no need to really stress about it. We had it sorted before dinner last night.

From the palengke earlier the day shopping for lunch!

At DCC, they already have an itinerary for group tours that include lunch at one of the beaches and entrance fees. It costs around 1,200-1,600 PHP per person depending on which tour (there are islands which are further away), But since were doing a private tour we got to create our own itinerary and leave even earlier. We paid 5,200 PHP for ours inclusive of entrance fees, +the food we shopped before we getting to the boat.


We werent the first ones here, but one of!

First stop was Kayangan Lake. Ive watched a video on Youtube that this place gets really packed, well its I think the most popular spot here in Coron so I had no doubts it would be packed– so better come here early if youre doing a private tour. By 10am tourists start swarming the place and all youd see are orange life jackets on the water. Personally, Id like to be able to see the place a bit quiet to actually enjoy the beauty of it. Its the cleanest lake in Asia and we werent disappointed. But before seeing and experiencing its beauty theres about 300+ steps (including the way down) to climb so be prepared. At the top, you will find the famous viewpoint where you can see view below.



A little lagoon of our own, because we had it to ourselves hehe! We spent like half an hour here to just swim around and see whats under water!

I remember having a similar photo years ago. Wow nakakapagbikini pa din!😅


From the name itself its a bit self explanatory. Ive never seen much marine life in my life like this one and we were told this isnt even the best one out here in Coron. Like wow!

Showing off the wedding rings lol idk

Under the sea……🎶


Atwayan Beach is a lunch spot with a bit of a small sand area. Looks really amazing though and I mean having lunch with this view, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!

The view meaning my handsome husband haha


Last stop but not the least, Calachuchi beach! Its a private beach so we couldnt get in here for lunch though we said we would have it here and theyre only open like after 2. But were here anyway! 😊 I saw this beach on my fave travel show since college days ‘Byahe ni Drew’ so I was like, I need to see this place, hehe! We did a bit of droning here as well you can check it out on the vid at the top of the page. 😊

Although theres only so many places we can go for the day, the best part is there is a next day! See ya laytahhhhh 😎


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