1 Week without Facebook

Early this year I said Im going to try to reduce my time on social media– when I said social media I kind of meant Facebook and Instagram which actually takes up a lot of my time and so my life.

Idk if its just me, but the past few years Facebook had turn itself into a phonebook, well at least how its being used nowadays. It does still live up to the “connecting people” (Nokia?πŸ˜…) role– but people doesnt even actually share anymore like before. Its only shared contents not a real update from the person and then bunch of ads. Defeats the entire purpose of what it is.


I started out with Facebook. Since they have a feature to track the number of hours spent on its app now and I initially set mine on 30 minutes per day and after that Id get a notification that my time is up. Not bad to start with right?

Ive recently embarked on a cleanse diet as well which Im still on as we speak, and so why not do a Facebook detox? Thats when I deleted the app on my phone and imagine the wonders it made lol. I have more time to work out so basically more active. Ive made a list of things to do and accomplished them on the time I set for it.

So far, Im planning to keep it that way, but actually Instagram takes EVEN more time #thestruggle is real! idk if i can actually fully get off it but Ive unfollowed 500 nonsense accounts — for starters. πŸ˜…

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