Breakfast at LOWE

If we are in Dubai, our usual Friday would be a massive Fr-eggs-day breakfast meaning a massive proper IHOP breakfast or something similar, go out for drinks and pig out.šŸ˜….

This was just an amazing breakfast and I actually was surprised that I liked it. Coming here was like ok, its going to be an overpriced breakfast in the middle of nowhere, sure its in the middle of nowhere being located at Wadi Al Safa 3 (Al Barari), but hey I liked it!

But since we on the C9 program me on day 6 and hubby on 5, we shared a plate and opted for a healthier breakfast alternative. Though actually we werent meant to even have this — so were skipping our lunch shake and work out more. Hehe feeling so great already and inspired because I lost 3kgs already! šŸ„°


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