This New Year

I have been MIA for most of 2018 but been planning to come back for a while now but if Im being honest, having my website published on my public instagram is kind of turning me off. Ive written about my adventures for half my life and until last year, Ive enjoyed the quiet blogosphere and the privacy of just letting the writer in me spill it all out..flow. Although I thought I was ready to actually share, like a bare-all-interview lol , Im actually been rethinking about going back private for months.


And then there was this odd conversation with someone who thinks #instagramislife — So in this odd conversation, she asks,

I noticed you havent been posting on instagram, youve lost inspiration or what?

The tone was totally cringe worthy in addition to a gossipy tone start about someone else, I was in absolute disgust. But I thought maybe its the way she speaks because of where shes from so I carried along with the conversation. Told her actually my plan of going back to my website and focus on writing and sharing life experiences as it unfolds and that the absence from social media, specifically from instagram doesnt mean youre less inspired, but of course she continues:

But thats not popular anymore right? (actual blogging, meaning writing 🤦🏻‍♀️)

At this point Ive realized that it was kind of a stupid conversation tbh.. and that this person doesnt really write but only post photos and senseless content and calls it somewhat inspiring. My blog started as an online diary, and actually somehow still is and it will be again *wink!*, and to be popular was never part of its purpose. Its everything, my diary, advices, travels, love and even a burn book, haha!

Somehow, thanks to this girl because she helped me confirm what I really wanted social media wise and btw part of our new year’s resolution (me and hubby) is to spend less time in social media which Ive already started on Facebook last year, and actually live. 😊

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