Layover in Kathmandu Nepal

I havent been back in this lovely city i think since about 2012 I guess. Although the intention of coming back was always there, work schedule circumstances ddnt allow us to and then the 2015 earthquake happened.

Stayed at Hotel Yak and Yeti

As stunned as everybody else during the difficult time, I admire its peoples spirit during the past years and even more so after arriving in here and seeing their smiling faces again. Im also happy to see all the efforts of the country itself and so as the different countries and all the private sectors helping rebuild this the city specifically the iconic Durbar Square.

So Im actually encouraging people to come visit not only to help the country’s tourism business and also to learn about the rich culture they have in here.

Moving on.. heres a few places we went to on our 24hr layover!

1. Swayambhunath Stupa – also known as the “Monkey Temple”, located in the Northwest of Kathmandu. Id say the best panoramic view overlooking most parts of the valley.

It is also a good spot for buying your souvenirs.

2. Durbar Square – its an old historic royal square also known as Basantapur. During the 2015 earthquake, it was shaken badly — and which destroyed most parts of the southern section temples.

3. Streets of Thamel – located in the northern region of Kathmandu, Thamel is a tourist lair where you can find a lot of hotels, restaurants and different shops.

I think I spent most of my previous visits in this area either for a quick foot massage, shopping and of course nights out. I remember celebrating one of my birthdays in a place called the Reggae Bar where we visited again for dinner and a few drinks. 😅

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1 Response to Layover in Kathmandu Nepal

  1. Ian says:

    Looks like an awesome place, nice vid andpictures.

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