Backstreet Boys 25th Anniversary Concert

Few days ago, I went to my fave boyband’s concert, the Backstreet Boys!

I cant believe I met the guys again after 8 years. Rewinding it to some good few years back, lets say when I was in 3rd grade I started listening to the boys when I saw that music video for Quit Playing Games (with my heart). I ddnt know what love was suppose to mean but I think I might have fallen in love at first sight with Nick Carter. 😅

Basically, I just grew up with their music. I think every BSB song is a sound track of a particular event in my life. And 25 years ago, 20th April 1993, at the day of the concert they became the Backstreet Boys. And I am so happy to have celebrated their 25th anniversary with them, first at their concert at the Media City Amphitheater followed by an amazing afterparty at White Dubai in Meydan.

And even more happier, when couple of days before the concert, I won a meet and greet pass at White. I cannot express how excited I was and how much Im looking forward to the day!


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