The City That Never Sleeps

Its time for another holiday blog! Well, to be honest it started out as a last minute business trip for my husband. He was sent to Tennessee for a few days and I had a week off after that so we said we’ll take the opportunity and travel.

So hello New York, its nice to see you again!

We stayed at Candlewood Suites at 339W 39th St. in Manhattan. About 7 minutes walk to Times Square, its a good spot! We rented a studio apartment, which is very well equiped. From coffee maker to kitchenwares, you can even cook if you get tired of the food around in the city, very good for long staying guests. We actually had a very comfortable stay, and would recommend this place. 👍🏼


I landed at around 8pm at JFK airport, so delighted the flight wasnt full and I was able to get on using my ID90 ticket! (*caching* good savings!) My taxi ride to the hotel was about half an hour and I paid the flat rate of 48USD to Manhattan including the tolls. Was around 10pm when I arrived at the hotel, but nothing could stop me from going to Times Square and appreciate its bright lights. Moving on, Brian was weirded out that I wanted to go out, say it was about 11pm by the time I settled and changed and he was actually surprised how this city lives up to it being “the city that never sleeps”. It was packed in Times Square and as always, bright as mid day!

Day 1
We were still a bit tired, me hopping on a 13hr flight after a week of busy flying and Brian after a week of work, we said we wont pack the day too much. Back into Times Square during the day was our first stop. We had brunch at Hard Rock Cafe and carried on to have coffee at the red steps, just purely appreciating how busy it was. 😅


I think I was just really happy to be here. I might actually have a pretty similar picture, probably at the exact same spot with the exact big smile!

After seeing loads of posters for Chicago, we might have just figured out what to do for the evening! Walked over its home at the Ambassador Theatre at 219 W, 49th St., where we bought the 8:30 tickets directly. There was an Irishman at the booth who sold us the tickets for a lower price! ☘️


We then carried on to check out the St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 51st, 5th Ave. and the Public Library at 476, 5th Ave. The cathedral is as grand as I remember it was, we said it kinda resembled to the St. Coleman’s  Cathedral’s interiors, the one in Cobh. The library was massive, and I think its good to have this kind of facility open to the public. Looks so fancy actually, love it!

During the evening, We had dinner on our way at Haru Sushi at 228-238 W, 43rd St., went to the Broadway show to see Chicago which was amazing! Its the longest running Broadway show and I can totally understand why! 😍 After the show we had a few drinks and headed back to the hotel to get some proper rest for the next day.


Chicago the Musical

Day 2

Started the day right with a massive breakfast at Smith’s Bar and Restaurant around the corner of 44th St. and 8th Ave., a couple of blocks from where we were staying.


Smith’s Bar and Restaurant (a must mug of coffee to start the day!)

Next stop, Central Park. In a big city like New York, its so good to find a place like this  to just relax and take a breath of fresh air whenever you get tired of the rush and bumper to bumper city life. On this about 840-acre land, theres definitely loads to see  and do, plus everywhere you look, youve probably must have seen it in most movies which were filmed in NY, makes it more exciting!

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Two of the iconic areas there would be the fountain pictured above and the Bethesda Terrace. If you watched the sitcom FRIENDS, this would be familiar. Theres loads of other movies which were filmed around this area but personally, this gives me a major “Enchanted” vibe, my fave Disney movie. And since Ive already mentioned, might as well share a video from the movie..with a bit of “McDreamy” vibe too haha.. (Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s Anatomy) ❤️

From the movie Enchanted, “Thats How You Know”

We must have actually spent a good few hours there. 😅 We went for a boat ride as well which was so relaxing, costs us 15 USD pe hour by the way! After that, we had a bit of a snack at The Loeb Boathouse. 


After appreciating a nice relaxing time with a beautiful view, we then carried on to the American Museum of Natural History. To be honest, it was already a little late to see everything but we went anyway and saw the largest dinosour fossil collection in the world, which we really enjoyed. I was looking forward to see the mummies however, that part of the museum was already closed. Must see them then in Egypt in the near future! Anyway, If this museum looks so familiar thats because you have probably watched the movie Night at the Museum, there you go another filming location!


Our next stop would be Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So we went up 70 floors high to experience unobstructed view of the city.

The price going up the deck was USD 34. But you can also buy pass called New York Pass, a pass that includes free admission to over 90 popular tourist attractions in the city. For more info check out the New York Pass.

Day 3

We planned to see the Iron Lady! So lets go!


Woke up late so we had to run fast, well took a cab to the Battery Park where we took the ferry to Liberty island. Its about 20 minutes from where we were staying. Theres another port where you can depart from though, which is the Liberty State Park in Jersey (if youre around in that area). It costs us 18 USD each for a round trip ticket to the island which also include a stop into Ellis Island.


Its good to see you again!

Bit of a side story – Did you know that New York City has the largest number of Irish Americans of any city in the US? It was years and years ago during the great famine when many Irish families were forced to migrate into the states to start a new life. Brian was a really delighted  as we came into Liberty Island, it took him back on the days in school learning about this history.

  • After the day in the island, we opted or a Korean restaurant for dinner. For a change. Weve read a lot of good reviews for The Kunjip, at 32 W, 32nd St.

Day 4


Lazy for breakfast? Glad these guys are always just around the corner to save the day!

Carrying on to the next day, we went to Brooklyn and the famous Brooklyn Bridge that links it to Manhattan. It opened in 1883 and is one of the symbols of New York City and is a perfect spot for a spectacular view of New York’s skyline.


Little park with an amazing view of it although at some point we asked to move. ;P

A lot of relaxing later we were so eager to find this perfect spot for a photo in Dumbo with the view of Manhattan Bridge and guess what? we werent disappointed!


Famous picture perfect spot in Dumbo

Next stop is the Brooklyn Bridge. The pedestrian walkway is around over a kilometer long, and we walked it!


Magnificent architecture made of Maine Granite 276 feet above water.

On the way back to the hotel we popped by the Grand Central Terminal. Also one of the famous landmarks and transportation hub in Midtown Manhattan. I remember this place from loads of movies as well.  CHIC FLICK MOVIES hehe! (Friends with Benefits, The Switch, Just My Luck to name a few.. )


Our last day in New York was spent shopping. Brian went crazy at Century21, I havent actually seen him shop like crazy but anyway, I used to shop there as well during my layover days. Discounted prices for branded items such as clothes, bags and watches. So enjoy!

Last, but not least we visited the 9/11 memorial. #NeverForget

There you have it guys hope youve picked up a tip or two from our quick New York itinerary.  x

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