We Belong Together: Mariah Carey in Concert

… Is the title of the song she performed at the recent Jazz Festival here in Dubai, where I was left in awe and I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. 😱

I still cant believe it. A–MA–ZING.


5 days after seeing the glamorous and classy Mariah Carey, im still on a high. Ive seen loads of concerts but she really put on an amazing show, she killed it. I think I wasnt expecting too much from her following that performance in NYE, where she was caught lip syncing.


But anyway, I did not even realize how big of a fan I truly am lol until it was announced that she was coming and when I found myself singing along to every song at the concert. So so happy to be in the front, thanks luv, hehe! Wanted to upload my own photos but wasnt able to get decent one, at least for my standard so heres a couple of them from the Jazz Fest official. Had such an amazing time!🎶

💋 Z

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