Wonder #1: The Lost City of Petra

I must say this trip is long overdue, but thank God finally! 😍 Me and Brian made a promise we would see the 7 wonders together though he’s seen the Great Pyramids and Ive seen the Great Wall.. I guess we just have to see them again.. and here we are, 📍Petra!

After my 30th birthday celebration, me, Brian and a few driends decided to go to Jordan. We flew in to Amman un the evening and stayed the night at a hostel in town. It wasnt a fancy place whatsoever, I would consider it 1 star but decent enough to put our heads down for the night while we wait for the rest if our friends to pick us up in the morning.

The next day after breakfast, we first stopped at the view of Mt. Nebo, the place/area they call the promise land.

After about an hour, we continued driving to Petra. We’ve reached there arounf 5:30 in the evening and just have enough time to put our stuff down and have a bit of dinner.

We were told at the reception that a tour called “Petra by night” starts at 7 so we decided to go. A few crew Ive flown with told me as well not to miss this tour, so yea, here we go!


Petra by night

After a long walk, id say about 25 mins in the darkness, with only candle lights to guide us through, we finally reached the Treasury. There they served us hot tea, while we listen to traditional music played live by a couple of locals. It was beautiful.

A good night sleep later, it was a glorious morning. Packed bottles of water with us, off we went to see the real beauty of the Lost City of Petra. 😍


This was just majestic! How did the Nabeteans carved on these sandstone cliffs!? Truly amazing. The only access to Petra by the way is through roughly about 300 meter high canyon we had a bit of a dar preview the previous night. And if youre a fan of Transformers (Revenge of the Fallen) or an older movie Indiana Jones, this would look familiar. 😊


Loving the vibrant colors on this shot!


Think we wer just in pure awe 😅

After an hour climb / 850 steps up from the lower road. We get to sit in front of this absolute beauty. . Always sweeter with the love of my life next to me!


The Monastery


View, more view.. ❤️

A very long day for everyone, had drinks after of course! It was pretty chilly in the evening, whew.. so glad brought some warm clothes in my back pack, so dont forget yours if you come in November!


The next day we drove to the Dead Sea. It was a unique experience floating around effortless, it was kinda funny actually especially when I tried to swim on my belly, just keeps flipping me nack around. BTW a tip, make sure water doesnt get in your eyes and mouth, we also got to collect some mud and brought it home, so yea thats totally fine.

💋 Z

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