We Got Engaged!

Couple of weeks ago, me and Brian got engaged! ❤️ This is it pancit!

Didnt realize that night was going to be the night. He picked me up from work and said were doing a fancy dinner, belated “monthsary” celeb (and yes he does celebrate it with me 😅). Went to a crowded restaurant and said to him its quite loud and crowded in here and he agreed. He said hes just gna go to the toilet but took ages! Some 10 mins later, a waitress came and said she’ll escort me to a diff restaurant because Brian didnt like the menu. Was kind of pissed off he didnt came back to tell me but went along with the waitress anyway. We stopped at the beachfront: red carpet, red roses and my man.. the rest sure is history. I love you luv, it was perfect! 

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