Party in the USA: Part 1, Los Angeles

Holidays!!! Always excited to visit a new place and this time its Los Angeles!


Sunset Blvd.

Were here actually to attend one of Brian’s best friends’ wedding in Texas so we said we’ll take a side trip to LA. Its Brian’s first trip to the states so well he couldnt be more excited.

Our first stop, Hollywood Walk Of Fame. To be honest, I was kind of expecting more from it, then I see them just on the side of the road with tourists walking all over them, theres nothing really much special about it but of course we see them in all the movies and tourist photos, so had to take a mandatory photos! there. 😎

Had a lovely burger for dinner at Hooters, lol had to take Brian there of course 😂 We decided to take it easy the first night since we arrived in the city pretty late, so we can get ready for the next day. Early Morning went to Universal Studios of course.

Like kids, we enjoyed the day so much. There were loads to see like the Waterworld show which was spectacular, and really must see. Took the studio tours as well, went to the filming location for Desperate Housewives, Jaws (Wisteria Lane), World War Z, Bates Motel and even The Voice studio 🙌🏽, I was in awe. 😱


Wisteria Lane ( Desperate Housewives )


World War Z crash site


Bates Motel




Waterworld Show

And so after being amazed with all these, found a T-rex on our way out and. my love mesmerized by Marilyn. 😅

Anyway, you cannot just go to LA and miss the Hollywood sign! And plus a bit of roamng around the next 2 days we have left here in LA.


Hollywood and our signature buhat pose!

Santa Monica Pier and drove to Nobu Malibu for dinner, expecting to see the Kardashians lol.


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  1. TinnPunzalan says:

    hi yell, hope you guys will come back here, lemme know
    ate tin

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