Was listening to Dreamsounds playlist earlier, a radio program playing feel good mellow r&b music. Typical kind of music I play since I was in high school before bed. In a middle of one of the songs there goes “dj **insert name**” Me and Brian couldn’t help but comment about this how they always do that it kinda ruins the song..

— and kinda said at the same time ESPECIALLY WHEN YOURE TRYING TO RECORD THE SONG! We could not stop laughing 😂.. Well for those of you who were born after. The golden era of the 90s, you probably would never understand the frustration 😅. And yes, we record songs from the radio to create a mixtape, which these days is more popularly known as a playlist more likely from YouTube, no sweat at all. I miss the 90s, high school and college days. 😘

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